“Where shall I begin, your Majesty?” he asked.  “Begin at the beginning,” the King said gravely, “and go-on until the end: then stop”.

Thanks Lewis Carroll, the King, and the White Rabbit who asked such a great question in the first place!

Since this is episode ZERO (not that kind of zero…) of the Safety on Tap podcast, I thought it gentlemanly that I tell you a little about my WHY….and a little bit more about me.

Towards the end I also share two short-but-great interviews, which I recorded at the 2016 South Australian Health and Safety Conference, with thanks from conference organisers Informa. Marie Boland, Executive Director of SafeWork SA shares with us how she is disrupting her organisation from the inside, and David Clarke, CEO of the Safety Institute of Australia, makes the case for professional certification and the momentum of the health and safety profession in Australia. Not to be missed!

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