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Health and Safety Decluttering Workshop

Clutter /ˈklʌtə/ (verb) cover or fill (something) with an untidy collection of things; (noun) a collection of things lying about in an untidy state.  


If you have anything to do with health and safety, you will know health and safety clutter.  


The stuff that gets added reactively after every audit, inspection or incident.  The stuff that ticks a box.  The stuff that isn't used, doesn't fit, or gets in the way of actual work, and the safety of that work.  


There are a few problems with clutter:

It makes health and safety bureaucratic (it's not a perception, it's a reality)

It takes the focus away from real risks and their management

It sends poor messages to your workforce and leaders about what's important

It widens the gap between work-as-imagined and work-as-done (which leads to trouble)

It is so easy to create, and almost impossible to remove.  


If you want to:

Learn how to define 'health and safety clutter', to begin a productive conversation about it in your organisation

Understand the process to follow to identify health and safety clutter with clarity

Develop the skills to guide your organisation through de-cluttering

Apply the framework which enables rigour in decisions to both create safety collateral, but also to take it away

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This isn't just new ideas, this is based in published research to give you clarity and confidence to improve.  

Clear process to follow

Embed the step-by-step methods to identify, prioritise, reduce, and ultimately prevent safety clutter


Engaging & Practical

Addressing safety clutter is not a theoretical or desktop exercise - it involves genuine engagement and practical improvement.  

What have participants said about our previous learning events?

"Great to have conversations around a new approach to Safety"

"Interesting info not offered elsewhere"

"Great discussion and thought provoking topics and really this is unexplored topic within the profession"


Who can you trust?

Dave Provan

Founder, Safety 21

David's been there, and done that over 20 years - a career career safety professional culminating as an executive in large global safety-critical organisations.  Oh, and he's going to be a Doctor soon.  A proper Doctor.  A PhD centred on the history, practice and future of the safety profession.  

He founded strategic advisor firm Safety 21, to assist Safety professionals and organisational leaders to re-orientate their resources and practices to thrive in the 21st century.


His motivation is to re-invent and enhance the capability of the global safety profession, to further position the role as a pivotal and critical resource in shaping organisational safety outcomes. David is widely considered globally one of the foremost thought leaders on the role of safety professionals.  

Getting clutter sorted out is central to our surviving, and thriving.   

Andrew Barrett

Chief Connector, Safety on Tap

Andrew is always pushing boundaries - of leaders in health & safety, of his own health and safety practice, and of ways that we can create better learning for better performance. 

Andrew leads the growth accelerator Safety on Tap Connected.  Transforming the way we do professional development, this offers long-term support to members through professional coaching, peer/social learning community, helpful micro-learning content, and underpinned by reflective practice.  

Andrew also spreads ideas, motivation and action for transformational change through his global podcast, executive coaching, regular speaking and facilitation for audiences in Australia and beyond, and clients such as Telstra, Probuild, the OHS Leaders Summit, Endeavour Energy, the South Australian Government, and the Safety Institute of Australia. 

People are talking about Dave and Andrew

What do people really think of us?

I have worked alongside David in three organisations over the past 20 years.  He is a safety leader who is able to coach and influence Boards and Senior Executives to create a step change in the safety management, culture and performance of their organisation.  Through his leadership, David has transformed large and fragmented groups of safety professionals into highly capable, aligned, influential and resilient teams.  He is an international thought leader in the practice and future of the safety profession

Bryce McLaren

HSE Manager, and Director Safety Institute of Australia

Utterly dynamic! Andrew brought a completely new dimension to our event presenting a punchy, engaging and insightful TEDx-style talk. Taking the audience on a journey of self reflection and how to get the most out of your professional development, he made us laugh and take notes.

As the closing speaker, he artfully summarised the entire event leaving audiences wanting more. He is a must-have speaker or facilitator.  

Naomi Kemp

Risk Manager, YSP Convenor Qld

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