Hi, I'm Andrew Barrett and I help health and safety professionals just like you accelerate your career.  

My mission in life is to help people like you make a bigger difference, enjoy your work more, be happier, and get more out of your career.  

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Do you ever feel like you are an imposter?

You have a bit of technical knowledge, but still struggling at times to turn it into outcomes - into results?

We've all been there - how else do you get experience except by starting with little? And has this happened again over time - with a new role, a new employer, a significant barrier or a troublesome customer?

The imposter mindset is one thing to deal with (which we've never been taught about, by the way).  But it creeps in when we know what good looks like but we struggle to turn that into reality.  

This is not insurmountable.  You can spend years working out how, and hoping for the right combination of a good leader, the right knowledge, a mentor, lucky experiences, quality feedback, fortuitous circumstance and a big dose of confidence to help you grow and improve.  That's hard.  That's also one reason why health and safety people default to 'busy-work', because it feels like progress when the going gets tough.  

If any of that sounds familiar, take heart: you are not alone (thankfully).  

There are some hacks - the keys to the  leverage required to grow yourself and have greater impact.  

Like influence - yes, influence! - you nod.  That illusive, sometimes fleeting form of leverage that helps us deliver amazing results.  We seem to know what it looks like, but rarely have a plan for expanding our own influence.   

But it's not just influence.  You'll probably already be thinking about some other 'things' that might help improve your own growth and thus your leverage:

  • Good quality feedback from others
  • Improved communication
  • Opportunity to bounce ideas around without fear of attack or trolling
  • Sharing approaches/solutions that have already been tried vs starting with a blank sheet of paper
  • More time.  Oh, to have more time! I would get more done, I would create and reflect more.  I would invest in myself more and spend more time with the important people around me.  I would have greater impact.  

SPOLIER ALERT: You (almost) can't get more time.  But you can unlock more of your own time.  

Wouldn't it be nice to: ​

Compare notes with other leaders

Have a plan for your personal growth

Achieve results by design, and much faster.  

That's professional development, isn't it? Maybe not....

Have you ever just gone through the motions for professional development? Or not done much at all?

Health and safety is obsessed with education and training.  You need a Certificate minimum.  No, now you need a degree.  And get Certified.  And in a few years of course you'll do your Masters. Or feel just a bit bad / disappointed / frustrated that you don't / haven't.

Plus the annual performance review (in big companies) - "Right, you need development.  Google a course or conference, here's your budget.  Due date is 12 months from now".  Like a flash in the pan, we do our one or two day thing, we write notes in the book, and proudly place it on a visible shelf.  Never to be read again.  And we go back to work as it was.  

Actually, it's more likely you will be in the majority for whom that would be a dream - where there is no development plan, no training or courses.  Which makes the search for insights, ideas and resources so much harder.  Since I'm busy.  Really busy....

I get it.  I've been there.  

And let's not forget, whilst your development is all about you - it's only as good as the results you get.  Health and safety is an outcome not a process, which is exactly the same as our own growth and effectiveness - it's about the impact we are making on the world, on real people.  

We've connected the dots - and adapted a clever model to accelerate your growth 

Here's how.... 

You'll know this intuitively, even if you've never heard of it.  The 70:20:10 learning model is based on a loose collection of research that suggests we learn in roughly three different ways, or from three different sources.  And 70:20:10 is the rough proportion of learning from each (and I mean rough - focus on the underlying idea rather than something quantitatively empirically and practically literal).  

Around 10% of our learning​ comes from Education.  The formal study we undertake and the information we consume.  The transfer of knowledge.  This is what we are obsessed with.  Ironically, this is also where the Safety on Tap Podcast fits (sure, it's hopefully more engaging than classroom study but still, let's recognise it for what it is).  To focus our growth and development in this space, ignores 90% of the potential.   And yet there is still a shortage of education that is not just technical, but enables you to bring the technical knowledge to life.

Around 20% of our learning​ comes from Exposure - social exposure to be more exact.  How we learn from others around us - our peers, our leaders, a coach or mentor.  Social exposure is just that - social, so it is rarely formal, which is why you'll know it but not have consciously realised it until now.  We all have a story about a great leader, a fantastic buddy, a helpful non-health-and-safety manager, or even a friend outside of work from whom we've learned a great deal.   But that's still mostly random social learning.  

​Around 70% of our learning comes from Experience - just getting stuff done.  On the job.  Practice.  Experimenting.  Failing.  Where the rubber hits the road.  

You live your life learning without realising it, but like the social learning, it's a bit random.  And you can't buy this.  

We've used this model to craft a solution that might sound like other things you've seen, but is quite different from anything that has been tried before.  Because what got us here, won't get us to where we want to go.  

But wait! Learning isn't growing, nor is it results.  Well, we've got that covered too.  

So in our craftiness, we've incorporated two of the simplest and most powerful growth fuelling mechanisms we know of: coaching, and reflective practice.  

Coaching is something you'll be familiar with from sport.  The coach, and the coaching process, helps the team win with a plan to create experiences that prepare them for the big game.  Same thing in professional development.  Coaching helps you win.  I've been coaching people for my entire career​ - I've led massive change programs in huge organisations on mammoth projects without direct reports - and I get results, because an effective coach helps others get what they want.  Results.  

And reflective practice? ​Well, remember how we said that you can't buy experience? (scroll up if you can't remember!).  And coaching helps you experience life with intention?  Reflective practice is what brings it all together and squeezes the learning out of that experience in a conscious way.  This is the feedback loop for your learning and growth, it directs your goals, it motivates you.  It's smart.   

This is how it all comes together:​

Introducing Safety on Tap Connected

The world's first professional development membership designed to

accelerate your growth.

You are invited to join Safety on Tap Connected - the home for leaders like you.  When you become a member of Safety on Tap Connected, your growth starts to accelerate immediately.  

Relevant Content

Short, punchy & engaging online courses

Engaged Community

Hang with like-minded but diverse peers

Private 1:1 Coaching

The engine room of your growth 

Peer mentoring

Tap into others & share what you've got

Overcome isolation

Find understanding friends

Get sustained improvement

Invest in yourself for the long term 

Need CPD Evidence?

We've got all the records you need

**Bonus Value**

New content, ideas, stories all the time

Smart investment

High value ROI & tax deductible

This will be your experience as soon as you join:

On Day 1 you begin your 1:1 coaching, setting your own goals and starting down the path towards those goals.

The broader Safety on Tap Community will also welcome you, and you have the opportunity to immediately engage in a way that suits you.  ​Jump into our structured discussions, have your say.  Ask some really good questions.  Or just watch and absorb for a bit.  

And start consuming the short but powerful content available to help your enabling skills - your own personalised education based on what you need.  ​As time goes by, we continually create new, high-quality content based on your challenges, your needs.  

That's all a bit overwhelming, you might be thinking? ​That's a very fair concern.  And one we want to avoid.  So here's what we're doing about it:

  •  High quality onboarding process.  We've captured the steps to success in our Onboarding Course - short sweet and helpful videos that get your progress started from Day 1.  These also explain a little more about WHY we designed Safety on Tap Connected the way we did, and takes you for a tour so you know where everything is and how it all works.  
  • Coaching-guided activity. The 1:1 coaching will become central to your progress, including helping you navigate through and get the best out of what's available in Safety on Tap Connected.  
  •  Curated Content (like a supermarket).   You don't visit the supermarket and pick up everything off every shelf.  You visit with a certain outcome in mind, and get what you need to achieve your outcome.   Luckily, the supermarket organises things in categories, styles, and with a logical flow.  We've done the same by curating what's available.  Be clear on what you want, take what you need, and come back when you need more.  

But don't just take it from me, see the potential others have realised: 

"Empowering and Validating Results..."

"Andrew’s approach to coaching is organic by nature, tailored, empowering and validating in results. Andrew’s inherent interest in watching me learn and grow resonated clearly throughout all of our interactions. His help guiding me towards my own profound beliefs in problem solving, innovation and conflict resolution left me feeling energised and confidently resolute"

Alex thomas WHS Consultant 

"For guidance and confidence..."

"Through lengthy self-reflection, I have decided to continue my development by beginning a Bachelor in Psychological Sciences.....Thank you....for the guidance and confidence"

TERRY SWANTON People and Safety Manager

"Six degrees of separation..."

"Thanks for the connection to [person], managed to make a couple of contacts and will be meeting a handful of people at the ASSE conference in Denver CO so looks promising. Six degrees of separation all coming back to your introduction to [person] so cheers"

KYLE PHILLIPSON Wellbeing, Health and Safety Advisor

Start Accelerating - Get in first!

Be the first to have the opportunity to join Safety on Tap Connected: To close the gap faster between where you are now and your potential!

"Clarify, simplify and demistify..."

"Andrew is a very knowledgeable coach and mentor, who has the ability to clarify, simplify and demystify the critical area of risk"

Paul Belton School Principal

"Instrumental in my success..."

"Andrew is an engaged and active listener, taking into account all aspects of a given issue, synthesising the information to bring meaning and then communicating this to gauge further responses.  Andrew has been instrumental in my success"

CHANTALE DEWS Technical Specialist

Yeah but....

I don't need help, I'm already developing myself.  That's great to hear - and a sign of a growing leader.  So you may not need help, if you already have a global community of like-minded peers to bounce things off, and have a personal coach helping you along the way.  I'm not saying these are the only ways to grow, but I do know they will accelerate your growth.  But then again, if you don't think you need help, you won't get much out of something like this.  

What results can I expect? That depends entirely on you.  Your results will depend on your goals, which we identify in the coaching.  We're not so pompous to assume we know the recipe for your success.  But the approach we take, and the place we create for it to happen, will get you the results you want.  If you're not sure what you are aiming for, we'll help with that too.  

don't need any more development.  That's a dangerous mindset to have.  I'm not trying to be sensational, I really believe that because it will eventually jeopardise your job.    What got you here, won't get you to where you need to go.  The world is changing around us, and we need to keep up to stay relevant.  

What's the cost? We want to establish your intent before the logistics, so we'll share the price with you soon, closer to opening up the membership.  I can tell you that the earlier you join, the bigger a discount you will get.  Really big actually.  And since growth is playing the long-game, you get even more discount for annual membership vs monthly.  12 months of content, 1:1 coaching and community (and the outcomes you get as a result) will cost you less than most 1-2 day training courses or conferences.  So really, you need to ask yourself what's the cost of not investing in this?

This isn't new.  Well, sort of.  We haven't invented anything, that's true.  But we don't need to.  You can get content, coaching and community in a bunch of different places.  That's right, different places.  What is new about Safety on Tap Connected is how we've brought these together intentionally so you have the most accelerated growth.  And we've done it in a way that reduces geographical barriers, and at a price point which is a fraction of what you would pay if you tried separately engaged in the content, coaching and community we've made available.  But you still wouldn't find the value.  

Will people think I'm not good enough now?  You are good already! You wouldn't be in the role you are, or be looking at this page, if you weren't already good.  A true leader knows their strengths and opportunities, and works with this.  Investing in yourself tells others that you are going from good to great - which is more than the majority of people out there who aren't seeking to improve themselves.  

I don't/won't have time for this.  I'll prove you wrong.  First, only invest time in the things that give you the greatest return (we'll figure this out during coaching).  Second, appreciate that the time you invest in growing yourself, will give you returns for the entire balance of your time.  One hour a week could vastly improve the results you get from the other 39 hours of your working week.  Ultimately, you will get a return however much time you invest - you'll get out what you put in.  And third, well that's one of our secrets within the membership ;-)

Isn't this untested? Yes and no.  I've been a content creator, communicator, coach and connector for a long time.  None of that is new, though I can always get better.  What is new is that we're bringing it all together.  I know together we'll learn a lot along the way.  But the best part is that as a member, you have a say in how Safety on Tap Connected should serve you.  The more selfish (!) you are about your challenges and needs, the better we will serve you.  

Does becoming a member guarantee results in my work or career? The action YOU take in your professional development and growth will have a direct effect on your results.  Although we can't guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to provide the community, coaching and content designed specifically to help you learn, and take action to grow yourself.  Whether you do so or not is entirely up to you and the action you take. 

I'm Certified already, is this different? Very! Certification is simply the outcome of you jumping through a few hoops.  Actually, sometimes certification is more like strolling through a doorway - it's not the ​most robust of assurance processes out there.  And many are measuring all the wrong things (sound familiar in health and safety?!).  Being a member of Safety on Tap Connected is a recipe for results.  We are measured by the outcomes we help you achieve.  You can't certify that.  But it will help your mental health, your career prospects, and your impact in the world.  However if you are certified, you will be able to get all the evidence you require to maintain that.  

OK, sounds good, what about....

I've never been coached before and am worried about opening up. You are certifiably human! Coaching might sound intimidating, I can tell you it is anything but.  You and I develop a relationship based on mutual understanding of your goals or challenges, and us coming up with a plan to work on these, and tracking it over time.  There is a reason why successful sporting teams and executives have coaches - because they are more likely to succeed.  The online format helps break down fears around opening up and sharing, and gives you time to thing about your responses.    

How similar is this to Linkedin? Well, the similarities are that both have people, and interaction.  That's just about it.  Linkedin has so many unfavourable aspects (such as incessant advertising, plenty of self-promotion, often aggressive/bullying type comments and discussion, or lack thereof, and really variable quality of content contributions).  SoTC is a psychologically safe, moderated and curated community of like-minded growth-fuelled but diverse people, supporting each other to grow.  This is global, intentional, social learning at it's best! 

How many hours should I spend in SoTC to get the most value? There is no right answer - it will depend on your goals and challenges, and then how SoTC serves you best.  For example, you may get the most benefit from just the 1:! coaching with Andrew, and spend little time in the forums.  You might get coaching, actively contribute to discussions, and do all the courses we offer.  Of course, growth isn't just about time inside SoTC, but how you apply things outside SoTC, so it becomes a way of life rather than discrete amounts of time.  Just like there is no perfect amount of exercise, it all comes down to whether you feel you are getting value - if you are growing and improving, you are probably spending the right amount of time here.  

My company has strict standards about releasing info outside the company, how can I participate and not breach my employment contract? SoTC is design as a safe place, which means all members sign-up to the same expectations for behaviour, including confidentiality.  But, like all things, it's not watertight.  If you are worried about sharing confidential information, discuss this with your manager at work.  You might err on the side of caution by 'cleansing' the info you share.  And you can always reserve more sensitive information (as long as it's not in breach of your contract) in your 1:1 coaching with Andrew, which I guarantee is confidential.  

I already have a great mentor, why would I join SoTC? That's great, you are already ahead of the curve! SoTC is complimentary to a range of existing development options, like a mentor.  We differ in a few ways, like the diversity of views (an entire community of peer-mentors!), 1:1 coaching from Andrew (I'm less about mentor-style downloads and more about helping you forge your own path).  

Start Accelerating - Get in first!

Be the first to have the opportunity to join Safety on Tap Connected: To close the gap faster between where you are now and your potential!

Your mission, and Our mission

"The mission, working in health and safety, should be all about people. All too often, we forget ourselves. Not only that, after blood, sweat and tears we feel that we get diminishing returns on our own effectiveness. Here at Safety on Tap Connected our mission is to help improve individuals to make a drastic improvement in themselves, and in turn on health and safety at large"

Andrew Chief Connector at Safety on Tap Connected

P.S.: We want to nurture the development of this community in a sustainable way, so the opportunity to join will only be offered to you for a limited time.  Join the waiting list today to get preference when we open the doors, very soon.

P. P. S: If you have any questions, shoot me an email and I'll answer them personally.