Peter Baines has seen some pretty tragic stuff in his time, and has learned a thing or two about leadership in challenging and disruptive environments.

Listen in as Peter, from charity Hands Across the Water, shares with us what he has learned.  The biggest surprise for me was that these leadership lessons will apply to almost everyone, as work and life get more and more disrupted.  No tsunami required.


In this chat, we cover:

– Where Peter cut his teeth as a forensic police officer, identifying victims of mass disasters all over the world

– Peter’s key factors for great leadership, a sneak peek from the presentation he will be delivering at the National Safety Convention in September 2016

– A very person-centred approach to leadership – no fancy programs, visions or rhetoric – straightforward concepts that anyone can focus on

– The similarities between the Corporate Social Responsibility context and the health and safety context, including alternative ways to measure value


Peter is our there making a difference in the world – which I suppose should also be the aim of anyone caring for the health and safety of people? Plenty for us to identify with.


You can hear more of Peter at the National Safety Convention – get your tickets here.


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