Richard Coleman knows a thing or two about digital disruption.  He has put a number of practical and very cool digital technologies to good use for health and safety, and has his finger on the pulse with the broader digital landscape.


Make no mistake, digital disruption is happening, is only getting bigger & faster, and it creates great opportunity, or poses a great threat to current health and safety approaches – Richard invites us to choose opportunity.


In this chat, we cover:

– What we mean by digital disruption (if you think you know, you’re probably wrong like I was)

– The role of health and safety driving and supporting adoption of new and emerging technologies

– The drastic impact disruptive technology can make in eliminating risks, changing the way work is done, and introducing a range of new risks

– How prepared current health and safety is (both the approach, and the professionals) for disruption that has already begun


Peter is our there making a difference in the world – which I suppose should also be the aim of anyone caring for the health and safety of people? Plenty for us to identify with.


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