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Kobi Simmat tells it straight.  If you don’t like feeling just a little bit uncomfortable about the ineffective status quo, probably best not to listen.

ALTHOUGH….you must be ok with being a little uncomfortable, since that’s the space where growth occurs.  And that’s why you listen to this podcast.  So maybe this is just right for you.


In this chat, we cover:

1:33 Kobi’s view on WHS

4:25 Open cheque book leads to financial haemorrhaging into ‘safety’

5:47 Kobi and I on how effective video and audio are

6:57 Master & apprentice vs more paperwork

7:59 NOT Auditors – Best Practice Assessor

8:51 Ban document control non-conformances

10:08 The System, must recognise failure in the form of practice

10:47 The bad reputation of the certification industry vs a best practice mindset

16:27 Learning by using FOMO

16:37 Using certification for good or evil in procurement

20:01 The death of the certification industry?

24:02 Show me your dashboard

27:03 Kobi’s view of the future of workplace health and safety

31:41 Kobi’s top tips for improving WHS

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