It’s a great honour to interview my Dad, Brian Barrett this week, a leader who I think has plenty of insight to offer.

This first part of the two-part interview, we cover off leading in an organisation you know will cease to exist – from which we can all take something away, including what NOT to do should you find yourself in that situation (actually, it has much a broader lesson).

In today’s episode we cover:

2:09 Why on earth would Dad do a podcast interview with me

3:45 The mechanics of mergers in NSW local government

5:56 First serious failure in communication (clean out your desk)

6:59 Preparing for merger, when you legally aren’t allowed to

10:50 Leading people through uncertainty

14:59 Government as ‘supply-chain’ leader (or not?)

19:56 Planning which missed the vital ingredient

20:18 “One of the worst pieces of implementation of public policy in 39 years” and the reply which will shock you

26:30 Stand up and say it, there will be plenty of others who are thinking it

28:58 Recruitment fail – not providing feedback to all candidates

Once you’ve listened to PART 1, head over and listen to PART 2 of this interview, when Dad really sinks his teeth into what good safety looks like to him.


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