STOP! If you haven’t already, I suggest you head over to listen to Part 1 first, then come back for this one to finish it off.  

This is the second part of the two-part interview with Brian Barrett, my Dad.  We started with the background to Dad leading his organisation to the very end, until it was amalgamated into a new council, and the challenges he faced leading when he had little control over so much of the change.  We shift into his humbling experience of getting feedback from people in his organisation, and that one person was so moved, they painted a portrait of him.

Dad also shares his insights into leading work health and safety, and how his organisation leveraged amazing improvements off the back of their WHS focus.


In today’s episode we cover:

2:18 Ever wonder how you’ll lead right to the tumultuous end?

4:44 At the very end, what will people say to you?

10:13 At the very end, will your people be moved to get not one, but two portraits painted of you?

11:35 At the beginning, what did the end of leadership look like to you?

15:34 Leadership and WHS: Get the basics in place first, but it comes down to asking questions

20:38 To the people: “You know your business better than we do as leaders”

22:08 Stem the bleeding first

24:21 The human side of better health and safety

25:43 It all boils down to engaging people as experts in their own work

29:41 You manage processes, you lead people

30:29 Tough advice for people working under leaders who aren’t interested

33:18 Don’t just be busy….be fearless – you may be surprised at the response you get

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