STOP! If you haven’t already, I suggest you head over to listen to Part 1 first, then come back for this one to finish it off (it will make much more sense that way!).  

Gordon Bedford continues his daring challenge to the idea of risk, by explaining the concept of vulnerability in some more detail.  I probe the idea to see if it really has legs, which I won’t spoil before you listen 🙂


IN part 2 of the chat with Gordon, we cover:

2:18 Vulnerability in manufacturing

4:38 The meaning of words do matter

5:10 Risk suits cold, clinical and big numbers

6:26 Vulnerability suits anything involving people

7:43 Exploring vulnerability through hunches and experiments

9:27 Gordon puts it into practice in manufacturing

13:07 And then construction

15:10 What about ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’?

17:00 Vulnerable, then Resilient, then Counter Vulnerable

24:35 How the ‘vulnerability’ experiment is going

29:46 How to connect with Gordon


Gordon mentioned a fantastic concept (Anti-Fragile) from a great book by the same name: Anti-fragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


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