[GET YOUR BONUS]: Jen and the team at Jaxzyn showed us how to walk-the-talk, by creating a beautifully engaging summary of what we discuss in today’s episode.  So it’s a WHAT-TO-DO guide as well as a HOW-TO guide.  Clever! You can access that here.



Are you one of the few, who move the many? That’s a seriously deep question.  Our guest today has a mission to help those few.


Jen Jackson leads Jaxzyn, an energy-filled business seeking to create amazing employee experiences and engagement.


Jen joins us today to share the exact model Jaxzyn uses to help massive, complex and global organisations embed safety into their DNA, and supporting those few people who move the many.


In this episode we cover:

2:37 The first thing that struck me about Jen

5:23 Jen and I play corporate BS bingo

9:45 Jackson explains Jaxzyn

13:09 Jen’s challenge: embedding safety

17:19 Earning people’s attention, starting with empathy

22:21 How to understand your audience

24:20 Understanding your audience can be a scary thing

28:56 Break the pattern using language and visuals

32:34 The Curiosity, Attention, Action & Reflection framework.

39:39 Jen’s views on knowing success or meaningful progress




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