I know you already get paid.

The question is whether you’d still convince someone to pay for you, your team, your services, if it was entirely their choice.

It takes the conversation from “you have to have us”, to “do you want us?”.  It’s a very different, and probably uncomfortable question to ask.

In this episode Jenny Krasny shares how her business decided their function had made such an impact they wanted to sell their services to the rest of the market.  Now that’s an endorsement if I’ve ever heard one.

Jenny tells us in this episode what it’s like as quite a unique profit centre, unlike any other consultancy I’ve every seen.  Just because the model is different doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to learn.

If you are feeling uncomfortable after listening, I’ve hit the mark, and you know you are on the path to improvement.

Make sure you put your learning into action.  

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