How hungry are you for risk? Is your organisation starving of risk? Starvation doesn’t sound pleasant….so check out today’s interview with Susy Daw, when we weave our way through the messy concept of risk appetite.

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Today my guest is Susy Daw.  Susy has been involved in corporate risk management for decades, having slowly migrated to that specialisation after her early career as a nurse evolved into infection control management, then health care accreditation, which evolved into her current focus on risk.  You’ll hear in our chat a bit more about Susy, suffice it to say the reason why I got her on to speak with us is that she has been exposed to hundreds of different company directors, in discussion around risk.  So she has a pretty wide ranging perspective, she’s definitely not a theoretician, as she educates about risk through the AICD, she consults about risk through her company MQM Business Consultants, and she sits on a number of Boards herself.

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