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Just because it keep’s me on my toes, and breaks the pattern in our communication (thanks Jen Jackson from Episode 22 for that insight), I’ve flipped this episode around and upside down.  Let me know what you think.


First, I want to tempt you with our upcoming guests.


Our schedule is looking pretty impressive, so much so that I’m actually concerned that it might almost be too much growth fuelling goodness!

We’ve got John Green, the European HSEQ Director from Laing O’Rourke coming on the show.  John is probably best known for his public stand, and that of LoR’s, against the idea of zero harm.  We’ve got a special guest, whose identity I’ll keep a secret just for now, who will be enlightening us about how we really learn – which will help us as growth-hungry professionals, and will also help us in our day-to-day work.  And I’m seriously excited about getting some safety on tap listeners on the line, to share with you their growth journey – I know their stories will give you plenty to identify with.

I hope today’s episode title causes some controversy.  I seriously hope that it’s not just because I’ve used a naughty word.  Today’s episode is short and sweet, the audio comes from one of Safety on Tap TV’s recent video’s.  I hope it’s controversial because it is raw, and it is personal.  I hope it’s controversial because I am making you feel uncomfortable – I want you to really take in what I say today, and have a good hard look at yourself.  My mission is to help support your growth.  That means you shouldn’t always like what I have to say, but need to know that it is absolutely focussed on helping you.


If you are a passive consumer of information, and just enjoy the podcast for entertainment value, that makes me happy.  But if you are seriously invested in your own growth, you’ll feel pushed, compelled into discomfort and to take action based on the things we discuss today.


Here we go:

Brent died last week.  Brent was a part of my families life, and he’s left his family way earlier than a young man should.  The details don’t matter, and the core message of this video never anticipated Brent.  In fact I wasn’t actually going to do this video, but his death spurred me on, because it does speak to today’s take away message, and I think Brent would approve.


The phrase piss or get off the pot is quite crude, and may not be used in all parts of the world.  It’s about being on the toilet – do something or get off, that’s the point of the toilet.  In fact, you can Imagine that it is a saying considerate of others, as in make way for someone who does want to piss.


Does it ever feel in your work like you are just sitting, and not much pissing? I know I’ve been there, trying not to reflect too much because it’s seriously uncomfortable when you realise you aren’t making a difference, you aren’t actually doing much at all despite feeling like you are just by sitting.  Sitting is not the same as pissing.


How much of our work in trying to support better health and safety is just sitting, no pissing? We get caught up in all the fluff and trash that fills our work day in the name of systems, compliance, corporate requirements….but how much of an impact are we really having on health and safety outcomes based on seriously important risks, in the lives of real people with real names and families? I know plenty of people who are just sitting because it’s safe, and they keep telling themselves sitting is the same as pissing.  It’s not.


So if you are serious about making a difference in the world, in the lives of people, take a good look at yourself and ask how much of your working day is spent sitting versus pissing. Because a life lived fully, but cut short, like Brent’s, will be much more impactful than a life long lived but wasted by ineffectiveness.


So today I want you to think about those things in your work day that are ineffective, that are just sitting…..and replace them with something proactive, positive and effective.  Time on the pot, well spent.


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