So there are a few things that create ongoing discomfort for me as a professional, one of which is the lack of evidence in health and safety practice, and our tendency for so much of our practice to not be evidence based even when it exists.  I am guilty too.


I met Michelle Oberg last year when I was speaking at the Australian National Safety Convention, and she had me intrigued with her PhD research question, which I summarised in my notes as ‘is less “safety” (in inverted commas) actually more safety?’.


So the results have been streaming in, and Michelle’s PhD is almost completed.   So Michelle and I caught up to find out what she learned.


Before you go…..

Next week I’m lucky enough to be speaking to the wonderful  staff at Safety Culture, the inventors of the iAuditor app many of us would be familiar with. They wanted my input to help their people, largely the technical boffins, to connect with their mission, the final output of their product – actual health and safety outcomes.  I’m honored to be asked to help, and impressed with their commitment to keeping their mission front of mind.  Lucky for you, they will be live-streaming my presentation and the following Q&A session on Facebook, that’s 5-6pm Thursday 6th April (that’s Sydney time), so if you want to watch that, Like Safety on Tap on Facebook and I’ll post more details there.