I’m pretty excited at the moment.  I’m happy to announce that the newest member of our family has arrived, his name is Jude Thomas, and despite the fact that he has shown his stubbornness in both labour and afterwards, my wife and I, and his 5 siblings, are glad to have him in our lives.

I’m also excited about another new beginning, something of a birth I suppose as well.  Safety on Tap Connected, the worlds first growth accelerator designed for health and safety professionals, launched on the 29th of May 2017.  I can’t tell you how pumped I am to have our founding member group starting to accelerate their growth.

I’ve had plenty of enquiries about membership after the deadline though, since we were only open for one week.  As our founders group settles down into the rhythm of ongoing growth and development through our coaching, community, content and contemplation, we may open up again for more new members in the future.  So if you think Safety on Tap Connected is right to help you grow, you need to be on the waiting list at safetyontap.com, and I’ll let you know when we open the doors again.

If you aren’t sure what this is all about still, I have something else for you.  Since we are doing something quite different from conventional professional development, it’s understandable that you might not be sure what you are actually going to get.  One of the more common bits of feedback I got was about coaching – so many health and safety people haven’t had much if any exposure to what coaching is, which arguably is the best value part of the membership.  So if you are in the not sure camp, I have something special for you.  So you can get totally informed, I’ll let you have a sneak peek at our member onboarding videos, which explains everything in detail.  If you want to check those out, send me an email andrew@safetyontap.com

My guest today is Luke Anear, founder of Safety Culture, the creators of the iAuditor app, the most used audit and inspection app in the world.  Luke has a great product and leads one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia to make his mission happen – to improve health and safety by helping frontline workers.  He has some great insights about user-centred design, staying true to your mission, and what the future looks like to him.  Here’s Luke:



I mentioned a few links I’d share from that discussion with Luke:

Health Monitor by Atlassian (for tracking all sorts of projects and team work)

Spotlight Incident Reporting and Investigation app (for iOS)

User Experience Design Cheat Sheet the Safety Culture way

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