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One of the greatest challenges I face in my mission to help people like you grow and drastically improve health and safety is to bring our message to people who aren’t seeking it out, but who would benefit greatly from growing themselves.  You might know someone like that – do them a favour and tell them about Safety on Tap, and what you get out of it.  But Don’t tell them not just to take your word for it, check out this recent review on iTunes:

HSE Improver says 5 starts Virtual Mentor! “The Safety on Tap podcast has been a revelation for me during my long commute. It is akin to a probing mentor, generating thought as it dissects across disciplines, with health and wellbeing at its core. Some of the episodes such as the recent cast on bullying have opened up my mind, and the technique that Andrew uses to flip threat discussions into opportunities has already reaped rewards in my own continuing professional development. I would like to say a big thanks to Andrew and enjoy hearing more of your great work. ”

If you appreciate what we’re creating here at Safety on Tap, you can also spread the word by submitting a review on iTunes or Stitcher – I am always humbled and appreciative of the feedback I get.

Today’s guest is Kelly Lovely, an accomplished health and safety professional, mentor and coach through Bookenz Leadership, not to mention a director on the Board of the Safety Institute of Australia.  Here we go:


I mentioned the Implicit Association Test which would provide your unconscious bias, you really need to take at least one of these tests:

Kelly was also kind enough to create an e-book just for you, which describes the bookenz game in more detail.  You can access that here:

And speaking of improving yourself, I wanted to let you know that our friends at Art of Work have released new dates for their Master Classes across Australia, the UK and New Zealand. If you haven’t heard of them, Art of Work is the company to go to if you’re looking for practical support in implementing safety differently principles within your organisation. If you visit their website at, you’ll see a range of Master Classes that will help you to shift the conversation away from controls and constraints and towards a more proactive and appreciative approach.