Today I’m joined by Dr Amanda Jones, and yes, I do manage to sing a line from the annoying Aqua song Dr Jones during this interview. Amanda is a neuroscience and biological safety expert, who brings together her academic and research expertise with her work as a health and safety professional.

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Here we go:


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I interviewed Health Evangelist Sally McMahon in last episode, number 78, and after we recorded that, we also recorded Sally interviewing me for her Fit for Work Podcast. That interview has been released. I encourage you to take a listen, not just to me but Sally’s podcast overall. You will in my interview hear some pretty open and vulnerable things during that chat, some of which I’ve never shared before. Head over to or search for it on your favourite podcasting app.

Here’s my three takeaways from that chat with Amanda Jones:

1: Learn from experts who curate the complex stuff for you. Today’s chat with Amanda obviously only scratched the surface on the topic of the neuroscience of psychological safety. That’s ok, because sometimes we need to accept that complex things take time to understand. But instead of feeling daunted or afraid of that, embrace it and hack your learning by finding an expert like Amanda who can curate the complex information out there, into something more digestible and actionable for you. This is when the formal knowledge kind of learning works really really well.

2: Stress is contagious. If that’s the only practical takeaway from this chat you get, it’s a good one. Too much stress is bad for an individual, so caring for those people is important. But doing that isn’t just a nice thing to do, or isolated, it affects everyone around them. Understanding the causes of high-stress and helping people prevent and manage that, is undoubtedly part of our role.

3: Are you ready to commit to something that terrifies you? Fear is a good sign that you are on the right track to growth, when it is aligned with a clear vision of what BETTER looks like for you. Amanda is pushing through her fear and impostor thinking to grow her presentation skills, which is her BETTER vision. I am in awe of her for doing that. What scares you, and will you do something to grow and improve your effectiveness?

Until next time, what’s the one thing you’ll do to take positive, effective or rewarding action, to grow yourself, and drastically improve health and safety along the way. Seeya!

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