Listen in as we continue our exploration of the 8 Beliefs of relationship centred safety leadership.


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Last week on Episode 28 we began exploring the 8 Beliefs of relationship centred safety leadership as proposed by our guest Rosa Antonia Carrillo.  I wanted to make sure this wasn’t just a bullet point skim through, so it turned out that we needed two episodes to cover it all in more detail, which in my mind is still not enough.  If you haven’t already, I suggest you go back and listen to Episode 28 before this one, just so this makes sense in a logical order.  Or do it backwards, or even listen to it in reverse, like some people did listening to Beatles records, and you might find some eerie prediction of death or other interesting things to come that none of us have yet discovered.  I’ll leave that to you.

This episode we cover off the remaining four beliefs:

People will speak up to stop an unsafe situation if it is in their interest.

Relationships influence emotions, feelings and beliefs. These, in turn, influence the decisions that impact safety decisions.

Our judgments prevent us from seeing the complete truth.

Drift from procedure is normal and a positive human adaptive behavior.

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