In addition to our regular podcasts, this is a little series which brings you the candidates for the 2017  Safety Institute of Australia board elections.  Long time listeners will know that here at Safety on Tap we like to experiment with new ways of improving, and one of those experiments last year was the first time ever in Australia, as far as I could find, that a professional association reached out to their members through a podcast.  My idea came because members of associations traditionally don’t engage very much, which is a real shame since there is so much more we can achieve as a collaborative, cohesive and engaged profession. So my idea was for members to have the opportunity to hear from candidates directly, and hopefully have a greater say in their profession in Australia.


Needless to say it was a roaring success, so here we are again for the 2017 elections.  Now for those of you not members of the Safety Institute of Australia, this might give you reason to reflect on why, and whether becoming a member is a good idea.  For those of you not from Australia….you might be thinking these won’t be relevant to you.  I suggest the opposite, I think there is plenty of insight you can get from these interviews, which you might take back to the professional association you belong to in your country.  This is also a glimpse at the perspective of a professional leading a profession, as opposed to leading health and safety in an organisation.  They are two very different things.


We’ve given each candidate only 10 minutes to convince you they are worthy to serve members of the SIA.


Let me know what you think about these – if you post a comment or a question on, you get direct access to each candidate so they can respond to your comment or question.


SIA members can vote using the instructions you received via email.  You can find this interview and all our podcasts, video’s and bonus content at

I’m Andrew Barrett.  Until next time, seeya!