Welcome to Safety on Tap TV! Do you ever feel like you have a great positive start to the year, then wonder where all that went just a few months later? Today I’m sharing with you the approach I’m taking to set me up for success in 2017


So we’re at the beginning of 2017 when this is recorded, but that doesn’t mean that if you are watching this down the track it’s not still 100% relevant – in fact, it doesn’t even have to be at the beginning of the year for you to take action NOW!


This is not my idea – many people use this, so it’s hard to attribute to any one specifically.  So I’ll just generically thank the many sources of inspiration on the internet for this idea.  Google search will give you plenty of places to read more.


So what does it mean to me?


It’s a motto of sorts, rather than a new years resolution or SMART goal setting


The problem with resolutions is they fail, filled with great intention and quickly forgotten or pushed aside due to ‘life’


The problem with SMART goals, is they lack personality, motivation, a reason for being


So 2017 is the year I UNLEASH.


So how am I going to UNLEASH this year?


It means a year of energy, which I’m enabling already with some specific actions like hardline bedtime and wake-up times, much less alcohol, an exercise routine that is locked in my calendar and won’t get de-prioritised, and mobile technology switch off in the evenings


It means a year of passion, of throwing myself heart and soul into the things I believe are making a difference in the world.  That starts at home, being a better husband and in particular parent.  Work wise (which doesn’t really feel like work), that includes improving the Safety on Tap podcast and TV, and a few more exciting things to better serve you.  It means continuing to experiment with more effective ways of engaging small and medium business in better health and safety outcomes, with a view to scaling that idea to serve more and more small businesses.  I’m taking greater risks this year.


It means a year of ruthlessness – not in a negative way but a purpose focussed way – removing waste from my life in the time wasting sense, in the no more multitasking sense, in a physical sense by decluttering and focussing less on material things.


And I’m going to unleash on my limiting beliefs.  This one is actually an enabler of my whole year and all my unleashing actions – it will require me to dig deep, to continually challenge things that hold me back like imposter syndrome, and some core negative beliefs.  I’m building up courage on that one and hope to share more in the near future.


Finally, I’m using clever psychological hacks to support myself – I’m writing it down, I’m identifying specific actions to take with no wiggle room, and I’m sharing it with a few thousand others, creating social accountability for me.


So you might be asking how am I going to track how I’m going? It’s all about the actions man, those day to day things to put intention into reality.  And this is not measurable, I’m only going to feel it when I feel it.  And it’s starting already.


If you like this, hit like, share it around, challenge the ideas or add your own.  Welcome to Safety on Tap TV, there’s plenty more to come soon.  Seeya!


PS. Want to know more about me and my mission? Check out Episode 0 of Safety on Tap to learn more!